Easy to use, physical and virtual co-working spaces




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Currently located at the front of the RAPAD Office at the old Masonic Lodge, Longreach’s Outbackhub offers a mid size meeting room with full access to the Zoom Room platform for regional, national and global meetups. Hot desking is available on request.



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Located beside the Shakesphere Hotel at 79 Oak St, the current Barcaldine Outbackhubs is a cosy site offering hot desk or small meeting room with access to the Outbackhubs Zoom Room platform.



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Co-located with Red Ridge at 77-79 Shamrock St, Blackall’s Outbackhubs is a active scene of hot-deskng, local meetings as well virtual meetings using the state-of-the-art, easy to use Zoom Room technology.





Outbackhubs Zoom Room platform has revolutionised the DAF agriculture workshop for attendees, with greater access to presenters from around the country!”