“A place to develop your dreams.”

Outbackhubs is a collaborative effort to provide shared resources and training opportunities to Central Western Queensland and the broader Outback region.  Established in 2017, Outbackhubs operates physical coworking locations where members and guests can use high speed internet, hot desks, general office equipment in addition to participating in workshops as well as access the globally connected network of Zoom Room video platform sites.

— RAPAD CEO David Arnold.

“Bringing the world to the Outback.”

Outback Queensland is a land of opportunity and innovation and it is important to share this globally. Having had our American Entrepreneur in Residence expand horizons and thinking, Outbackhubs, through the Zoom Room platform, has been the perfect tool to connect.

— KA.

“Postcode doesn’t matter!”

Living in the greatest part of the world we get to see the big, open, blue skies and wonderful sunsets every day. We also can connect our business not only locally, but globally. Postcode doesn’t matter where you work from, but the postcodes in Outback Queensland are the ones to live in

— M.T.


“Outbackhubs breaking down barriers.”

Costs, time and risks associated with travel to meetings, workshops and training in the vast Outback have been slashed through the Outbackhubs Zoom Room platform with participants joining from the comfort of home, or the safety of a desk.

— DA.

“Easy to use - even for me!”

I love the Outbackhubs Zoom Room platform. It is easy to use and for me that is important 

— LC.


Outbackhubs… Let’s get started!!

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